Announcing the publication of Phil Zimmerman's new book

Bluegrass Time

A Musician's Photographs of the Early Days of Bluegrass Festivals

Contact information and press release for the book, Bluegrass Time
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Words of praise for Phil Zimmerman's

Bluegrass Time…

Ricky Skaggs
These were historic meetings with some of the best musicians the world has ever known. And thank God Phil Zimmerman was there with his mandolin and his camera…. You'll love this great collection!

David "Dawg" Grisman
Phil Zimmerman has captured the spirit of bluegrass music and the exuberance of the musicians playing it… a fantastic job of conveying the fun, nuance and wit of this truly American art form - and for me, some great memories!

Tony Rice
A true photographic treasure to behold… My God, what precious memories!

Carl Jackson
…instantly placed me in a time capsule and flew me away to some of the best memories of my career.

Dale Ann Bradley
This book is a must have for all bluegrass music lovers, old and new

Tony Trischka
This is a great collection of photos…. It's all here!

Marty Stuart
I admire Phil Zimmerman's work. He shoots with a knowing eye…. To see his 1970s and early 80s bluegrass experiences is a confirmation of the times, the people, and the music in motion…. There are lots of wonderful memories here.

Butch Robins
What a wonderful stroll "down memory lane.” Thanks for showing the future some of what we saw as we lived and felt those times.

Neil Rosenberg
…many of the key musicians playing together at the early festivals - brings back some fine musical memories.

Dan Hayes, president, IBMA
These images bring forth their own kind of music and capture the joy, devotion, concentration, enjoyment, and fellowship that cannot be conveyed by sound alone.