Bill Monroe, the Father of Bluegrass Music, with Phil Zimmerman, 1980
In 1965, I made the pilgrimage to Cantrell's Horse Farm in Fincastle, VA, to attend the very first multi-day Bluegrass festival, Carlton Haney's Roanoke Bluegrass festival. I brought a camera and a banjo with me, but most of the time I was helping Carlton and Ralph Rinzler document the event on Ralph's Nagra tape recorder.

I wrote a short piece for a regional Bluegrass club newsletter. Read it here, with pictures of me with friends, and me with Doc Watson at Fincastle....

Since that time, I've been attending festivals and concerts with an assortment of cameras and instruments, always torn between pickin' and picturin'. By the mid-70's, I was playing in one or more bands on a regular basis, and festival photography had to take a back seat. The Bluegrasstime collection represents a small sample of the best photos I made during that ten year period. Many of the photos you'll see on this site have been published in Bluegrass Unlimited, Bluegrass Now, Smithsonian/Folkways, and in liner notes to well-known recording projects. Bluegrasstime is an effort to make these pictures available to writers, publishers, collectors, and fans of Bluegrass music.